Toronto, Ontario - August 22, 2011 - Drift Lake Resources Inc. (TSX-V: DLA) ("Drift Lake" or the "Company") announces today that Sintana Energy Inc. ("Sintana"), the Company's S.A. Operations Office located in Bogatá and existing under the laws of Colombia, has received notice from Faulkner Exploration, Inc. that the Peru Ministry of Energy and Mines (EIA) has approved a 10 well drilling permit for the Bayovar Block XXVII License.

Sintana holds a 25% interest in the 175,000 acre onshore Bayovar Block (Exploration Permit XXVII) located in the Sechura Basin, Peru. The operator, Faulkner Exploration Inc. has advised the Company that it has received all necessary approvals and expects to spud the first well, the San Cayetano #1, in September. Plans are to drill this well to approximately 4,500 feet to evaluate two primary targets, the Verdun and Paleozoic reservoirs.

The Paleozoic is considered the main objective on the Block due to its potential to be oil productive as seen in the San Pedro Field to the north. It is characterized by low matrix porosity, but can be highly fractured in the presence of faulting and, in the case of Bayovar, a significant uplift event. There have only been minor Paleozoic penetrations on the Block, however, offset fields show thicknesses ranging in the 300 to 500 feet range. The Paleozoic is a prolific producer existing in the fields offshore to the north of the Block including the San Francisco, San Pedro and Experanza.

The Verdun Formation is interpreted to be a delta front deposit within a deltaic system. It has porosities ranging from 13% to 20% and permeability ranging from medium to good. Net pay ranges from 30 to 50 feet. The Verdun is a prolific producer in the offshore fields to the north of the Block including La Casita, San Pedro and Experanza.

If successful, near-term production from the San Cayetano well can be realized due to the proximity of the well to a major oil pipeline, which terminates at a regional refinery, and a local gas market.

The Company's, Vice President of Exploration and South America Manager, Mr. Phil de Gruyter is conducting an extensive search to identify and hire highly experienced technical experts. As a result of this effort, the Company is pleased to announce that Mr. Greg Schlachter has joined Sintana as Reservoir Engineering Manager.

Mr. Schlachter's most recent position was as a Bogota based Reservoir Engineering Domain Champion covering the Peru/Colombia/Ecuador Geomarket for Schlumberger Wireline Services. His responsibilities included oversight of planning, real time support, subsequent final reports, presentations of the results of all reservoir and production logging acquisition and data interpretation, including formation pressures and sampling. He also supervised, trained and mentored log analysts and regularly made advanced technical presentations to both internal and external audiences. Over the course of his 14-year career with Schlumberger, Mr. Schlachter advanced through various positions of increasing responsibilities with more complex technical challenges. In the 10 years prior to joining Schlumberger, he was employed by various service companies with duties including well site testing and evaluation, design of testing protocols and development of industry specific software.

Mr. de Gruyter commented; "We are extremely pleased to have Greg join us at Sintana Energy. Hiring a specialized reservoir engineer exemplifies the Company's ongoing commitment to assembling a seamless in-house geoscience and engineering team that can provide solid engineering input from the outset. Sintana Energy wants to position itself for the increasingly innovative heavy oil opportunities, a whole new tier of tight oil, and the likely imminent liftoff of the gas and oil shale plays. Conventional missed-pay opportunities, tight oil, heavy oil and the shale plays are all a part of Greg's repertoire and he certainly also knows how to help guide Sintana's investment into the wide array of well technologies. Greg has spent most of the last 2 years working Colombia and the northern Sub-Andean in real time high-pressure situations in which he was depended on to instill confidence in well evaluation technology and highly technical results on a very detailed basis, including in pioneering engineering aspects of Colombia's shale plays."


Drift Lake is primarily engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and development activities in Colombia, Peru and Paraguay. The Company's exploration strategy is to acquire, explore, develop and produce superior quality assets with significant reserve potential. Drift Lake currently holds a 25% working interest in 175,000 acres in the Bayovar Block XXVII in the Sechura Basin, Peru, a 30% interest in 108,336 acres in the Talora Block in the Magdalena Basin, Colombia and is evaluating a portfolio of other exploration opportunities in South America.

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